Our Story

The Secret Of Our Success

"A distinctive, well-preserved and comfortable space, high-quality products, authentic cuisine, food and drinks are done flawlessly."

Great Food & Bar

Our History

How We Started

Locust Rendezvous was established in September of 1989. Surviving in an everchanging neighborhood, we have withstood the test of time.
Many establishments have come and gone, not sure what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Fortunately, we learned early on that we were just a great bar with good food -- nothing more, nothing less.

Our goal, as always, has been to make all our customers feel welcome.
You will find when you come in regularly that there are many familiar faces.
Our customers come from far and wide, remembering the great service, comfortable atmosphere, and reasonable prices from their first venture through our front door. Repeat business is our mainstay, and all new are welcome.

Stop in soon. You'll be pleasantly surprised how nice it is to sit at "The Vous" and feel like you're right at home in your own neighborhood.